Dining To Donate

What is a Dine to Donate?

Applebee’s dine to donate is an event held by Applebee’s for your organization! In short, for every person from your organization OR any person that supports your organization that comes in and dines with us during a set date and time, we will donate 10% of their purchase back to you! All you need to do is advertise your event to whoever you please! No pressure! We just want to be a bigger part of the Neighborhood!

How does it Dine to Donate work?

Once you fill out a one page form for us and we decide on a date and time you are free to advertise the event! We are pretty flexible with how the word is spread, but, usually a flyer is used. Once the flyer is produced that shows your organization and the date and times of the event, along with any description you would like, you are free to distribute it to whomever you want supporting the organization. We encourage you to use any tools at your disposal to grow the event as much as possible, including social media! The only exception is that you cannot distribute flyers at the store or on the store property. The flyer is then given to your server with your check and we’ll handle the rest! You will receive a check in about 3 weeks and all you have to do is enjoy a great meal!

Do these events really work?

To date these events have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for organizations across the country. How much you raise depends on how many people bring in a flier. You have the potential to earn thousands of dollars for your organization and we hope you do!


Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions or contact us to set up an event! We look forward to supporting your organization in every way we can!